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About Us

156 Allen Street 
Ground Floor 
New York, NY 10002 
(t) 212-253-0588 

Reed Space opened its doors in 2003. It is located in the historic Lower East Side district of New York City. In 2006, Reed Space Japan opened in Tokyo, Japan. In 2007, Reed Annex opened alongside Reed Space as a sister location reserved for special events, pop-up stores and sample sales.

Reed Space is often regarded as one of the world’s best and most innovative stores. It is a pioneer in the concept of “lifestyle boutique.”

Reed Space also features an art gallery that has hosted some of our generation’s most celebrated artists.

In 2009, Reed Space launched its own print publication titled Reed Pages. Reed Pages is at the forefront of contemporary culture, art and design. It is dedicated to delivering inspirational, informative and authentic content to a forward-thinking demographic.

In 2013, Reed Space launched The Reeding Annex educational series. Each session will feature an expert selected from a plethora of creative industries including music, poetry, law, art, technology, design and more. Each expert will share their knowledge, experience and creative insight with an intimate group of curious individuals. The Reeding Annex aims to give back to the community by giving people of all ages the opportunity to learn something new and inspiring.


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