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Voice of the Ghetto Benefit Tee


"Gordon Wayne Roberts aka Stay High 149 aka Voice of the Ghetto passed away on June 11, 2012. He was 61 and left us way too soon. To use cliched terms such as Godfather, pioneer or legend in describing him woud be a huge injustice. His signature remains the most iconic and important ever to grace a train, bus or wall.

Created at the intersection of style and meaning, his name represented truth and excellence. His name went All City before the term even existed, Stay High 149's moniker could be seen at least a dozen times on any trip through the subway system during his peak in the early to mid seventies. The halo adorned smoking stick figure, a kind of devilish saint, defined an era. Crime, porno flicks on the deuce, the Vietnam War and Stay High 149 in your face defined an era. When he began writing Voice of the Ghetto in 1974 his self-styled two toned rainbow-spewing marker made the already coolest cat in the game that much cooler. How can you categorize him? He was an American Folk Hero, whose name will be mentioned along with those of Renoir, Van Gogh and Da Vinci in Art History classes a hundred years from now."


Front screen print of "Voice of the Ghetto" tag by STAY HIGH 149, circa NYC 1974. Subway Panel from #1 Broadway local / Collection of TERROR 161 / Photo by Martha Cooper.
High Maintenance A Tribute for Stay High149 for the benefit of his family. In conjunction with an online auction presented by 9/15 - 10/14 2012
100% cotton.
Designed & Printed by Prographix / Art-FX Ink.
Available exclusively at Reed Space and Reed Space online.
Limited release of 149 pieces.

All proceeds from sales of the shirt go to Stay High 149's family.

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