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Roccia Vet Black Kevlar

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"The Roccia Vet is a style originally found in the Diemme hunting collection, that has been updated with lighter and more comfortable soles for city use. This style has great ankle support and padded inner lining which gives stability and a comfortable and protected walk. It is featured here in a Schoeller®-Keprotec® outer fabric from Swiss company Schoeller Textil AG, with a waterproof Sympatex inner lining. Schoeller®-Keprotec® is an extreme protective fabric originally developed for motorcycle racing consisting of 41 % Kevlar. The high-tensile aramide fibres ensure maximum durability as well as temperature stability in combination with a high level of comfort. These boots are extremely abrasion proof and tear resitant.

The Vibram Cristy is a historical Vibram design reintroduced in the Vibram Morflex micro-cellular soling compound. Vibram Morflex is 1/3 the weight of composition rubber, and provides maximal lightness combined with high flexibility and bounce. This sole has excellent slip-resistance on floors, but will be slippery on ice due to its high flexibility. The sole is cemented and welted with "ideal stitching" which is a turned out doublestitch.

The inner lining is a SympaTex® fabric with a breathable waterproof membrane, and the footbed is of vegetable latex with a leather upper lining. A gusseted leather tongue with vegetable latex padding will keep water from permeating the top of the boot, and the padding creates a soft cushion over the instep. The lacing system is a combination of speed rollers and open hooks from Italian supplier Sammi, tied together with reflective laces from German supplier CKS.

All components are of Italian or German origin. Handmade in Onè di Fonte, Italy."


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