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Rivalry HI Sneakerqueen
Rivalry HI SneakerqueenRivalry HI SneakerqueenRivalry HI SneakerqueenRivalry HI SneakerqueenRivalry HI Sneakerqueen


Rivalry HI Sneakerqueen


Sneakerqueen has a passion for ‘80s hip-hop culture and the sneakers of the era. High top styles dominate her collection and, as a result, she decided to re-imagine the 1986 basketball shoe, Rivalry Hi, for the Collectors Project.

Hip-hop fans of the 1980s were drawn to the Rivalry’s design features, considered high-tech at the time, and once it disappeared from the market the shoe continued to be a highly sought-after silhouette. Sneakerqueen’s version pays respect to the original, street-revered grey on white colorway, while giving it a contemporary lift with grey faux snakeskin texture on the 3-stripes. Of special note—and importance to Sneakerqueen—this updated style keeps close to the original shape, incorporating soft leather to achieve a flat toe box.

Sneakerqueen’s sneaker also features an insole inspired by the printed box paper that accompanied the original, metal eyelets with gold backing and Sneakerqueen’s own logo on the tongue label.

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