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Gym Wire Bag

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"BRIEFING was developed in 1998 as a luggage label whose mission is to pursue the true “Militarism” conforming to the MIL SPEC, while providing outstanding functional beauty.

Ironically, the design concept behind BRIEFING is departure from “Militarism.” At BRIEFING, the designers are focusing on the durable parts and state-of-the-art technologies developed in earnest by the inventing engine of the U.S. and constantly thinking about how these more-than-sufficient functions could be incorporated into bags used in ordinary urban settings and what kind of styling finish should be used to achieve a balance of both esthetic beauty and minimum required functionality.All BRIEFING lines are developed to suit diverse lifestyles by assuming various situations where a piece of sophisticated luggage comes in handy. Business, travel, sport, car, train, airplane, and more….The ultimate selection the users make regarding the bags they carry in these situations must be based on enduring “durability and functional beauty.” Since its founding, BRIEFING has successfully grown into the finest-quality luggage brand chosen by users the world over having the most discerning eyes."


Ballistic Nylon multi-purpose bag designed for sports lovers.

1 rounded zipper pocket fits a tennis raquet.
1 large snap button pocket.
1 large pocket with buckle closure.
1 medium zipper pocket.
1 small zipper pocket.

1 medium zipper pocket.
2 open pockets.
4 small open pockets.

Includes shoulder strap, key ring, storage bag.

Size: 46cm x 32cm x 1.8cm
Weight: 1300g

Made in the USA.

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